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> Marg,
> Michael's birth place probably is Platkownica.
> This village is about 40-50 miles NE of Warsaw, or 10 miles south of
> Ostrow Mazowiecka.
> There is a village Kalinowo at little ENE of Ostrow Mazowiecka which may
> be his wife's birth place Karlow, but questionable.
> Do you have any idea of where they married?  It is possible Michael left
> home as a young man and met and married in a different part of Poland.
> Rose Ingram
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>   My  great grand father Michael Raatz (Ratz) was born about 1859 in
> Platkoniza Poland.
>   That must be an incorrect spelling.  I can not find a place name that
> appears close in spelling.
>   His wife was born in Karlow  and their children in Fiewo, Alexandrow,
> and Briesen so it must be near by.
>   I have a photo of him that must have taken at photo place because on the
> bottom it says
>       Atelier Fentrop
>       Culm 2/w  Markt  No. 24
>   Supposedly he was in a war where he died.
>   Their last child was born in 1892 so it must have been near or after
> that.
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> Culm on photo = *Chełmno* [ˈxɛu̯mnɔ]  (older English: Culm; German *Kulm*)
is a town in northern Poland near the Vistula river with 20,000 inhabitants
and the historical capital of Chełmno Land.

Karlow = *Karłów* is a Village in Poland in the administrative district of
Gmina Radków, within Kłodzko County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in
south-western Poland. Prior to 1945 it was in Germany. *Wikipedia*


Hoping this helps ~ Rachael Patterson

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