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My great grandfather, Christian Hintz, was also born in Platkownica. March 2, 1850.  My grandfather, Ludwig Hintz was born nearby in Laczka, on July 27, 1853.  Ludwig married Helene Riewe in Cholm or Michaelsdorf Poland (on the citizenship applications Ludwig named one city, Helene named the other). Helene was from Wytyczno.  They both came to the U.S. in 1925 to Neenah, Wisconsin.  I have some photos of Platkownica taken a few years ago by a cousin who lives in Germany.  I'm happy to share if you like. 

Paula Meiers 
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> Marg, 
> Michael's birth place probably is Platkownica. 
> This village is about 40-50 miles NE of Warsaw, or 10 miles south of 
> Ostrow Mazowiecka. 
> There is a village Kalinowo at little ENE of Ostrow Mazowiecka which may 
> be his wife's birth place Karlow, but questionable. 
> Do you have any idea of where they married?  It is possible Michael left 
> home as a young man and met and married in a different part of Poland. 
> Rose Ingram 
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>   My  great grand father Michael Raatz (Ratz) was born about 1859 in 
> Platkoniza Poland. 
>   That must be an incorrect spelling.  I can not find a place name that 
> appears close in spelling. 
>   His wife was born in Karlow  and their children in Fiewo, Alexandrow, 
> and Briesen so it must be near by. 
>   I have a photo of him that must have taken at photo place because on the 
> bottom it says 
>       Atelier Fentrop 
>       Culm 2/w  Markt  No. 24 
>   Supposedly he was in a war where he died. 
>   Their last child was born in 1892 so it must have been near or after 
> that. 
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> Culm on photo = *Chełmno* [ˈxɛu̯mnɔ]  (older English: Culm; German *Kulm*) 
is a town in northern Poland near the Vistula river with 20,000 inhabitants 
and the historical capital of Chełmno Land. 

Karlow = *Karłów* is a Village in Poland in the administrative district of 
Gmina Radków, within Kłodzko County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in 
south-western Poland. Prior to 1945 it was in Germany. *Wikipedia* 


Hoping this helps ~ Rachael Patterson 
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