[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] help with Behrend (Aberdeen, SK)

Laurelei Primeau laurelei at telus.net
Fri Feb 28 22:23:58 PST 2014

This grandmother has long been an enigma. I hope someone can help - even if by offering a new angle on an old problem.

A family history names the first wife of Edward Schindle in Aberdeen, SK as "Helen Behrend", possibly transcribed as "Behruid".
A researcher for a related branch named her as "Helen Agnes Kolmeski" (totally different! - that researcher has not responded to my questions)
A death record for another child of the family gives her name as "Elaine Goloviesky"
And a search through FamilyHistory.org gives all of the above and adds "Magdalena Berudt".

So... there are some commonalities... in the census she is referred to as "Helen". I believe she's too young to be a widow, though, and she died quite young as well.
The young lady in question was born in 1889, wed about 1907 or 1908, and died in 1917. 
I have not yet found any clues to her parents, who must have been somewhere nearby, as she seems to young to be travelling alone.

Saskatchewan hasn't yet indexed their marriage records (and a paid search years ago yielded nothing... at least for "Behruid").



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