[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] records from Nowosolna, Lodz

Bernd ben.angel at t-online.de
Wed Jan 1 02:29:16 PST 2014


in the database of the SGGE there are Johann Adam Bruekert an Johann Georg 
Bruekert. Johann Adam married Justina Zeugner on 05.11.1861 in Nowosolna and 
Johann Georg married Dorothea Mannal on 26.12.1863. I tried to find this 
records at http://metryki.genealodzy.pl, Akta stanu cywilnego Parafii 
Ewangelicko-Augsburskiej św. Trójcy w Łodzi but could not find the records 

Does anyone know, if I can find this records online anywhere?

Thanks and Happy New Year to everybody.

Bernd Engelhorn, Germany


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