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Since you are from Estonia, you are probably fluent in reading Cyrillic.  However, I must ask - is it possible you are reading a surname rather than a place name?  A general search indicates that it appears very commonly as a surname and not at all as a place name.  I also tried Schoeppel as a variant spelling (and Czeppel as a Polish variant) and got the same results.

Having said that, this site http://kartenmeister.com/preview/databaseuwe.asp  does offer Scheppelwitz as a place name in Prussia.  It is the closest match I could find.  Might be worth at least trying a search in that region since nothing else seems possible.  Also checked the Ellis Island records.  No one showed Scheppel as a place of origin but a couple did show Scheppelwitz again.

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My 4th great-grandmother Dorota Frank, nee Kutzner died in 1872 in Jesionna, Lask at the age of 75. Her death record is to be found here: http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1553d&sy=1872&kt=3&plik=047-050.jpg  - record No. 48. 

It says that she was born in the village Шеппель in Prussia, which would be 'Scheppel' if transliterated. But I have no idea where this village could have been situated. I have found only "Scheppel / Dorf auf dem Westerwald im Amt Siegen" in "Wetterauischer Geographus:....." by Johann Hermann Dielhelm, but this seams to be not the right place as it is far from Prussia. Besides that - I cannot find any other source (e. g. old maps) indicating that this village even existed or where it was.

I'd be grateful for any suggestion that could help me to find out where the Kutzner family came from.

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