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Hello Katrin,

it could be Scheppeln in West Prussia, name variations are Zippel, 
Tschippeln, Sczepil, Czepil, Czaple, Gross Czappeln, German name since 1893: 
Treuhausen, Polish Name is Czaple



Regards from Germany,


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> Hello,
> My 4th great-grandmother Dorota Frank, nee Kutzner died in 1872 in 
> Jesionna, Lask at the age of 75. Her death record is to be found here: 
> http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/metryka.php?ar=3&zs=1553d&sy=1872&kt=3&plik=047-050.jpg   
> - record No. 48.
> It says that she was born in the village Шеппель in Prussia, which would 
> be 'Scheppel' if transliterated. But I have no idea where this village 
> could have been situated. I have found only "Scheppel / Dorf auf dem 
> Westerwald im Amt Siegen" in "Wetterauischer Geographus:....." by Johann 
> Hermann Dielhelm, but this seams to be not the right place as it is far 
> from Prussia. Besides that - I cannot find any other source (e. g. old 
> maps) indicating that this village even existed or where it was.
> I'd be grateful for any suggestion that could help me to find out where 
> the Kutzner family came from.
> Best regards
> Katrin
> Tallinn, Estonia
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