[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Estonian church records

Paul Rakow paul.edward.luther.rakow at desy.de
Sun Jan 5 09:38:18 PST 2014

    Hello Katrin,

          Thanks for telling us about these Estonian church books!

          I'm interested because a relative of mine (Philip Gruenke)
  was living in Estonia from about 1910 to 1920.

          He lived in a village called Annenhof near an estate called
  Sommerpahlen.  Some time later (in the 20s?) I believe the village
  was renamed Heimtal, after the original Heimtal in Volhynia.

      Do you know which Lutheran congregation Annenhof would belong to?
  Was it one of the villages in the compact colony you talk about?

                     Paul Rakow

  "Katrin Hanko" <katrin at bokser.ee> wrote:

> Hi!
> Sure. The church books are available at the Saaga web-page, which is a collection of digitized records of National Archives of Estonia and Tallinn City Archve. First you have to sign in, it's free of charge and available for everyone. http://www.ra.ee/dgs/explorer.php
> The parish member list of the Peetrim?isa German congregation starts here: http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=TLA.31.2.23:3
> It was the compact colony (three villages in fact as far as I remember) of Germans from Wolhynia, Poland, etc., in south-east of Estonia.
> And there were other German immigrants, they did not form such a compact colony, but used to live scattered in the areas of Palamuse, ?ksi, Sangla, etc.
> There are some links I have found about them so far:
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1261.1.649:30
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1266.1.668:35
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1266.1.668:2
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1261.1.649:28
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1261.1.649:36
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1261.1.649:46
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1266.1.668:26
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1266.1.668:27
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1261.1.649:21
> http://www.ra.ee/dgs/_purl.php?shc=EAA.1261.1.649:29
> Best regards
> Katrin
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