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The e with a hook under it sounds like en.  Olęderskie = Hollendry.  For a good description of this, written by one of our members, see



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The site http://lapidaria.wikidot.com/   has many interesting side paths.
If you scroll down the left side,  you'll find "Osadnictwo"   
Click it and you'll get a Google map with the many settlements of 
"Kujawsko-Pomorskim".   Put your mouse pointer on any one and  it's name 
pops up.
I knew there were many villages, but it shows better when they're  marked.
This map shows many settlements in the eastern portion as 'Rumunki' and 
The map legend (Legenda mapy) at the bottom describe that the  western 
settlements(Osadnictwo) are 'Osadnictwo  olęderskie' and 'Osadnictwo rumunkowe'  
as the eastern  settlements.  The other words did not translate with Google.
A previous discussion here,  settled on rumunki meaning 'a  cleared area',  
 but olęderskie doesn't translate either..   I'd guess  that it may mean 
established?   or ..   Does anyone know?
There are also gravestone images to be seen.
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> Got this link from the DOBRIN-L email  group..
>   http://lapidaria.wikidot.com/
> I'm  still 'playing' with it to see what else can be found ..
> Use Google  Chrome or the Google translate toolbar to   
>  to work  your way through.
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