[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Nazi German Abbrevations and Acronyms

Greg Mason gmason001 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 11 04:43:22 PST 2014

My wife and I have just come in possession of a letter that was written by her great Uncle in November 1938.  He was born and raised near Lipno and then in the mid '30s he moved to eastern Pommern where he was a farm manager.    Maybe one of our members could help us with the meaning of this sentence in German and English.  

 Ich bin ja die ganze Woche ueber Winter von zuhause weg, da muss ____(Name) mit den Kindern die Wirtschaft versorgen. Denn ich bin ueber Winter als R.L.L. Lehrer taetig und verdiene etwas dazu.

All winter long, I am not at home, ____ (name) has to work the farm with the children then since I am a R.L.L. teacher then and earn some extra money.

We will be very appreciative of any help our fellow members can provide.  Thanks, Greg Mason 

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