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I'll try to answer your question about SGGEE searches.  You are referring to 
the Volhynia-Kiev-Podolia (VKP) database, also called the St. Petersburg 
Archive database.

Each parish kept a register book of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, and 
deaths and each year a copy (somewhat abbreviated, especially for marriages) 
was sent to the consistory office in St. Petersburg.  These copies are now 
held in the St. Petersburg Archive.  Some years ago, the LDS photographed 
the records from about 1830 to 1885 and made them available on microfilms. 
A group of volunteers indexed these records and placed them in a database 
accessible on the internet.  This database forms the basis of the SGGEE VKP 
database.  The microfilms listed in the Film column are these St. Petersburg 
Archive microfilms - most begin with the numbers 18.  The Page number and 
Register number refer to entries within the microfilms.  Note that some of 
the original church records may be in the present Ukraine archives at Luck, 
Rivne, and Zhitomir.

Between the WW I and WW II, the western part of Volhynia was included in 
indepentent Poland.  As a result, some church records for that area ended up 
in Warsaw.  In particular, AGAD archive in Warsaw hold original church 
register books for Rozyszcze parish from its founding in 1862.  AGAD also 
has some records from Wladimir parish (founded in 1891) and Luck parish 
(founded in 1899).  LDS made available microfilms of these Rozyszcze records 
from 1862 to 1895 (1899 for births) with film numbers starting with 238. 
SGGEE indexed these microfilms and added the data to the St. Petersburg 
database to form the VKP database.

Thus, Rozyszcze records are in the St. Petersburg microfilms and in the AGAD 
microfilms - and they differ somewhat.  Also, some years are missing the the 
St. Petersburg films.  For marriages, the St. Petersburg data is only an 
index giving the names of the groom and bride and the marriage date.  The 
AGAD records are full records giving names of the groom and bride, their 
ages, their birthplaces, their parents' names.  The AGAD marriage register 
includes entries where banns were published but the marriage did not take 
place - these are not included in the St. Petersburg records and as a result 
the Register numbers differ.

Fortunately, now both sets of records have been scanned and are available on 
the internet, although the St. Petersburg scans must be accessed from a 
Family History Center.  See 
for a complete list of Volhynia church records and where they may be 

I hope this helps.

Dick Stein

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>     Thanks for your expertise on divorces.  It was said that Julianna and 
> second husband may have gone to South America, ?Brazil, as I have no 
> further info on them.
>      Wondering if someone could email me with guidance to locating the 
> "Film or Item", "page number" and "register" that shows up in a SGGEE 
> search.  Thanks again,
> Corinne Arnold
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