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> David Zander was born 27 MAR 1822. His wife Elizabeth A. (maiden name
> unknown) was born 18 AUG 1822 (marriage date unknown). They had two sons
> August Martin born 11 NOV 1858 and Gustauve David Zander born  09 DEC 1864.
> They arrived in the USA on 24 Jun 1868 and lived in East Bloomfield, WI.
> The ship record lists their town of origin as Stretzin (Strzeczona).  Does
> anyone know where I can find the records for Stretzin?
> Thank You,
> Tamm
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Stretzin residents attended either the Lutheran Church or Catholic Church
located in Preußisch Friedland
If Lutheran they would have attend the church shown here which is now a
Catholic Church.
Unfortunately post 1772 Lutheran records were lost in WWII.

The Catholic records are available and located in the Catholic Archives in

Zander was an important family in this area and owned/leased farms in the
area. In fact Zanderdorf is not far away.
There have been messages posted by Karen Zander long ago searching for
information. But I do not have her email.

Here are pictures of Stretzin - my people were there too.

Regards Bill

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