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On Jan 24, 2014, at 3:25 PM, MIKE MCHENRY wrote:

> Otto I've done pretty much the same. Not too long ago a family member lost
> their hard drive contents after a nearby lightning strike. I realized you
> can get a pretty strong electromagnetic pulse from that kind thing. I now
> have my backup drives in the basement

Good advice and a serious subject. The joke about electrons being recyclable is true.
Always use voltage surge suppressor plug-in strips to connect your electronic equipment to the exiting electrical supply. They are inexpensive today. Previously I made up my own.

Make certain they are internally 'voltage clamped' at all three wires, the black feed, the white neutral and the green ground.  A hot voltage spike or surge does not discriminate and can run any or all of the three. Ask when you buy. Some come with an equipment warranty policy.

An example of surge suppressor plug-in strip value. 
We had a fall windstorm a few years ago in my township. A large old maple tree went down across the power lines up the road from me, tearing the top 5,500 volt primary line from its mounting, dropping it down on my service drop neutral cable to my service mast meter-box on the house... The resulting 5,550 voltage overload blew/melted my main shutoff panel out of the wall, it blew the microwaves and refrigerator. It blew distribution panel fuses and melted exterior bulbs out of their sockets. It even melted cable TV connectors at the outside. Nightmare. Thou$ands in destruction.

All of my electronic equipment had its own three-wire surge suppressors yet I had this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as the smoke cleared. I began starting them up one by one not expecting results. My computers, printers, scanners, hard-drives and TV's operated the same as when I bought them.

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