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Otto otto at schienke.com
Fri Jan 24 16:15:30 PST 2014

On Jan 24, 2014, at 6:43 PM, Eleanor Haas wrote:

> I am freaked out so I unplug my computers during an electrical storm. . . 
> Eleanor

A smart move Eleanor. .  . but not fail-safe. 
A voltage spike can flash in any old time. 
Those of us with cradle landline telephones still remember an occasional 'ding' of the bell without it ringing. That was a voltage spike checking in.  If we metered our electrical supply we would become aware of surges and spikes now and them. Magnetic storage and computer chips are highly sensitive to electrical fluctuation. I even ground myself when working on the hardware to prevent a static electricity spike from frying something.

Since the beginning of the '1980's I've had computers set up and running, always with spike/surge protectors. I, out of all my computer buddies, never lost anything due to voltage surges. Surge/spike suppressors are very inexpensive  to purchase these days. 

Mike mentioned a much rarer atmospheric electromagnetic pulse which is also a possibility.

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