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Sun Jan 26 12:53:27 PST 2014

I know that my grandmother, Alvina Endler (nee Klapprat), was born in Emilowka, a village northeast of Zhitomir, in 1900. She was exiled to Siberia in 1915 but returned to the village of Fasowaja Rudnja, in the Emilowka area, in probably 1921 where my two uncles, Henry and Julius, were born in 1923 and 1926. I was able to visit the two villages and Zhitomir this last fall. I do not have original birth documents for my grandmother or uncles and wondered if a) they might be in the Zhitomir archives ( which we did not visit) and b) if those records would exist there for that time, can you recommend someone who can be hired to do research there? Do you think there might be other records in the archives for the Wilhelm Endler family that probably rented their farm, but applied for and received permission to emigrate to Canada from Zhitomir in 1927? Thank you for any help you can give.
Randy Loeb

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