[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] I'm looking for informations about some of my ancestors/ Ich suche Infos über einige meiner Vorfahren

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I didn't see an answer to your query, but I may have missed it if there was 

Have you searched the public VKP database at 
https://www.sggee.org/research/PublicDatabases.html  There are some 600 
Jess/Jesse/Jeske/Jesske births, including some of your family?  Wandawola 
was in Roxyszcze parish of which the original register books are in the AGAD 
archive in Warsaw.  Scans of the records are available online at 

If you haven't already done so, you may wish to consider becoming a member 
of SGGEE www.sggee.org in order to gain access to their Master Pedigree 
Database containing names of some half million Germans in Poland.

Dick Stein

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ancestors/ Ich suche Infos über einige meiner Vorfahren

Hello everybody,

if anyone has further informations about the ancestors of the father of
my father, that would be great...So I'll write down what I know...once
again thanks to people woh helped me...
Gottfried Jess and Wilhelmine Arndt were parents of:

-Wilhelm Jess, later Wilhelm Jesske, born in 1858 at Lochow Tamaschen,
Gr. Petrikau
-Michael Jeske,  born 17/09/1869 at Wandawola, Wolhynia...Wandawola is
sometimes wiritten "Wandawolla".
-Adam Jess, born on 02/12/1884 at Wandawola
-Wilhelmine Jesske/Jeske, born about 07/01/1871, death on 25/01/1882 in
the parish Kiev.

Wilhelm Jess/Jeske spoused Eva Rosine Reschke, born in 1858 at
Mierzowski, Gr. Petrikau on 09/02/1878 at Rozyszcze.
Their children were:
-Adolf Jeske, born at Wandawola, in 1879 where he died on 10/02/1889.
-Christoph Jess/Jeske, born on 27/04/1883 at Wandawola; he died on
08/11/1944 at Kathkow, Kr. Bütow, Pomerania.
-Gottlieb Jeske, born 03/01/1887 at Wandawola
-Auguste Jess, later Jeske, born on 24/07/1888 at Grabina
-Adolph Jeske, born on 30/01/1889 at Wandawola
So, the dates of birth are OK or not??? Or isn't Auguste Jess not a
child of my ancestors??? The time elapsed between two babies was too
short...And Grabina is not Wandawola...
-Christine Jeske, born on 30/10/1890 (or 13/10???) at Wandawola where
she died on 14/11/1890.
-Eva Jeske, born 02/09/1892 at Zarudle
-Johann Jesske/Jeske, born on 24/02/1895 at Wandawola.

I don't know if my great-grandfather Christoph Jess/Jeske had any
spouse(s) in Wolhynia.
I only know that he spoused in Pomerania Mme. Anna Hinz and had children...

If anyone knows if there were brothers or sisters who went to
Canada/America, that would be great...I've seen some indications on
ancestors.de but I'd like to be sure...

If you have any questions: Don't hesitate...Have a nice day! Yours, Susanne

Hallo zusammen,
ich hoffe, es ist ok, daß ich meinen Text jetzt nicht nochmal auf
Deutsch tippe...Wenn jemand noch Infos für mich hat, würde ich mich
freuen...bei Fragen stehe ich natürlich gerne zur Verfügung...Ích wüßte
auch gerne, ob Geschwister von Christoph Jess/Jeske nach Amerika oder
woanders hin ausgewandert sind...und falls jemand mehr über seine Zeit
in Wolhynien weiß: gerne!

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