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     I'm afraid there's a lot more in German or Polish than there
 is in English.

     Have you seen the works of Albert Breyer online at



 He was Polish-German, who did a lot of research on the German
 colonies and settlement in Poland, and published a great number of
 books  and articles. You could try looking at
 "Deutsche Gaue in Mittelpolen" and see how much you can understand
 via your favourite translation software (but don't expect too much -
 there's still a place for human translators, even now).


      Albert Breyer's original papers are now in the state archive
 in Poznan. The collection is worth looking at. When we go on a research
 trip we might come home with notes, photocopies, or (nowadays) digital
 photos. However as well as notes, Breyer often brought back original
 hundred year old documents from  the village Schulzes, or from the
 guilds in the Polish towns.


     Which villages or towns in the Lodz area are you particularly
 interested in? Were your people rural, or were they clothmakers
 or other urban occupations?

    If you are interested in the industrialisation of the Lodz area,
 you should read the chapter on factories in Vol II of Norman Davies
 history of Poland, "God's Playground". (I found a lot of interesting
 background on Polish history in these two volumes).

             Paul Rakow

 Deb <beektabeek at comcast.net> wrote:

> I'm looking for some recommendations for books and articles (in English
> if in paper form) about the history of the migration and formation of the
> German colonies and rural areas in Poland, preferably in the area of
> Lodz, but even general history for the migrations would be appreciated.
> I've been scouring the web, but as you all probably know, it's a pretty
> piecemal history I've been finding.
> Thanks in advance for any recommendations.
> Debbie Holm

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