[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Publications on Wolhynians and Germans

Helen Gillespie gilleh23 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 17:33:20 PDT 2014

Simon Fraser University in British Columbia  has a German Canadians
collection of which many publications have been digitized or are avlb on
line.   This is about the best collection of early publications I have
seen, but there are a few more recent.  Regrettably most are in German,
however, I am sure some listers might be able to help with a translation or
Click on Browse the collection to

One in particular is interesting:
*Zersplitterung oder Verbindung? : Bilder aus dem Leben der Deutschen in
Canada und Wolhynien*       in 1922  approx. 75 pages
(roughly translated: Breaking up or connecting - describes the lives of
Germans in Canada and Wolhynia - sadly no photos - the word Bilder also
means description in this sense.)


Ernst Althausen was a pastor in Wolhynia from the late 1880s.  He died in
1946, but in the 1921-22 he travelled to Canada and published a couple of
 His visit to Winnipeg (described on Page 60  (g85e0064) ) mentions names I
am familiar with i-former residents of Kurgani, Goncharicha, Kostopol and
Kuran - Petznik, Schulz, Rast, Lener (Lehner).  He visited Calgary and
other areas of Alberta, Sask and Manitoba.

Another interesting publication is a thesis : R*elatives and strangers :
the identity of post World War II ethnic German immigrants. * The title
says it all.



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