[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Village of Silno and Leibisch Church

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Mon Jul 7 18:07:35 PDT 2014

I have a church book entry from  March 1794 recording the marriage of
Jacob Krampitz & Anna Maria Fehlau.    The LDS tape,  812369, gives 
Leibitsch  evang. augsb. church   (Polish: Lubicz,   there are 7 per Google)
     Jacob is said to be from Schönwald,  (Polish:  Jackowo near 
 No village said of Anna, but her father, Gottleib Fehlau, is said to  be a 
 School master at the village of Silno (or Selna or  Selno ).    
    Working with Google maps,  I find that Lubicz,  & Czernkiko 16km apart,
  But Silno,  in Pomerania  near Chojnice,  is quite  far from  Jackowo, 
~150 km.   
  Are there other Silno's  - closer?  Was there an  Evangelical church 
      If the other names are wrong,  please  correct me.

Bob K.

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