[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Research assistance for village records from Reischewo and Skierdy ( Nowy Dwor/Modlin area) and village of Kempa Falenicka

Sig Tullmann sigtullmann at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 14:55:00 PDT 2014

I have two research issues and wonder if anyone in the group can assist or
direct me.

1. My maternal grandfather Johann Alexander Janke/Jahnke  was born in Kempa
(Kepa) Falenicka, Poland on Feb 18, 1876.. The village is a few miles south
of Warsaw on the western side of the Vistula. His mother was Susanne Janke
and was listed as "single" at the times of the birth. She was born October
11, 1857 in Kempa Falenicka .Her parents were Johann Janke and Susanne
Poelke. So obviously Susanne passed her father's name to her son.

My data came from copies of birth and baptism certificates generated in
1940 to, I assume, validate German and Protestant status required for
registering for the Volksliste. The documents were generated by the
Lutheran Parish  of Alt Ilvisheim.
I would like to know where and when Susanne's parents - Johann Janke and
Susanne Poelke were born and where they died. And if they had other
children. Where are the Parish records from Kempa Falenicka and Alt
Ilviesheim ?

2. My maternal grandmother descended from Witt and Gruenke families that
lived in the Reischewo and Skierdy villages of Nowy Dwor just north of
Warsaw. Family story has it that some of the ancestors were Dutch and
French Huegonots. My documents cover ancestors in Nowy Dwor back to a
Samuel Witt born in 1802 and a Johann Gruenke born in 1817.

I need help to locate any records that might verify whether Samuel Witt and
Johann Gruenke were born in the Nowy Dwor area and if not, where they came
from. Has anyone also researched this area ?  Is there a book about or a
listing of the immigrants that came to settle Neuhof ( NowyDwor) somewhere?
 Nowy Dwor villages were build by immigrants invited into the area in 1782
by Duke Stanislaus Poniatowski.

Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Sig Tullmann

Sig Tullmann
sigtullmann at gmail.com

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