[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Dubno area in Austria?

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The SGGEE database has Peter Rehlich's birth is listed as May 19 1868 in 


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>I don't believe the Dubno area was ever part of Austria.  However, there 
>was significant migration from the Austrian region into the Dubno area so 
>that might be part of the confusion in the documentation. However, just to 
>be sure, what is the year of birth?  We need that to know where the border 
>was in that year.
> Jerry
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> My Great-Grandmother's father (through "adoption") lists his birth as 
> Dubno, Vohlinia on a 1921 passport with the notation (Austria) above it.
> On his death certificate, his birthplace is listed as Russia and his 
> father's as Austria.
> Was the Dubno area part of Austria at one time?
> Thanks,
> Tammy
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