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Hi Paul,

Thank you so much for your reply.

I do not know where Tsarist Poyavskoi is.

The reference to "the Evangelical Augsburg Consistory Council in
Tsarist Poyavskoi" comes from a Plock church marriage record which was
originally in Russian.  I could send you a scan of the original record
in Russian, but I don't think that the list takes attachments? I've
pasted the translation below.

Again, it is the record of the referenced judgement of the marriage
dissolvement which is of the greatest interest to me (and my family).

Many thanks,

Peter Schmidt

LDS Microfilm#1201492

Record N 19 - Borishevo Nove


15 August 1869

It occurred that in Plotsk on the third / fifteenth of August, in the
year eighteen hundred and sixty nine at five o'clock in the afternoon,
notification is given that in the presence of Friedriech Bucholts,
farmer of Nove Borishevo, fifty years old, and Martin Geske, farmer of
Voli Brvilinsk (?), thirty four years of age, both well known to the
newlyweds, there was concluded on this date a religious marriage
between August Deibler, whose  union in marriage with Anna Julianna
Emke  was dissolved upon the judgement of the Evangelical Augsburg
Consistory Council in Tsarist Poyavskoi(?) on the second / fourteenth
of May of the current year, accorded by force of law, farmer and
resident of Nove Borishevo, forty five years of age, born in Zhelkov(?)
of the now deceased couple  Karl and Maria nee Geneke (?) Deibiler*,
farmer, and Wilhelmina Hein*, widow of August Arndt, day laborer
deceased on the eighth \ twentieth of June eighteen hundred and sixty
five,  resident of Nove Borishevo and born in that same place, thirty
six years of age, daughter of the presently deceased Ivan (Jan) Hein
and his wife Anna Daria nee Yanke (Jahnke), presently residing in Nove
Borishevo. This marriage was preceded by three publications of banns in
the Plotsk Evangelical Augsburg Parishoner's Church on the
third  / fifteenth of August of this year on Sunday and on the two
preceding Sundays.  The newlyweds declare that no marriage contract has
been concluded between them.  This act has been read to the illiterate
witnesses and has been signed only by us.

Ignatius Boerner, pastor, Plotsk

* The name here s "Deibiler" or "Deibrler" - perhaps a mistake in

* The surname is written "Gein" but most probably is "Hein." It is
often the case that the Germanic and English "G" is translated into
Russian as "X" - sounded as "H" -, and when transliterated back again
should properly be written "G"; however, experience indicates one
should inicate an "H" here. As an example, "Hamlet" is commonly written
and sounded in Russian as "Gamlet."


Marriage #19 on 3/15 August 1869.
August Deubler (pronounced--could be spelled Daeubler
divorced from Anna Juliana Emke Age 45 (this is on line 6, counting as
#1 the line with his name on it) born in Chelpowo son of Karl and
Maria (I'm not sure about her surname--darned first letter! If it's the
same H - as in Hein, then it's Hetke which is often spelled Hedke).
The record number in the margin refers to Marriage record 1845 #27
Wilhelmine Hein widow of August Arndt, died 8/20 June 1865 (Record #61)
Born Nowy Boryszewo. Age 36 daughter of the late Johann and Anna
Dorothea (Janke) Hein.

On Mon, Jul 21, 2014 at 3:58 PM,  <paul.rakow at cantab.net> wrote:
>   Hello Peter,
>       I suppose the first thing would be to figure out where
>  Tsarist Poyavskoi is, if it is a place. Do you know already?
>       Can you give us a little more background about where you found
>  this reference to "the Evangelical Augsburg Consistory Council
>  in Tsarist Poyavskoi"?
>            Paul Rakow
>  Peter <chamdo4ever at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Evangelical Augsburg Consistory Council in Tsarist
>> Does anyone here know how I could track down the record of the
>> judgement of the Evangelical Augsburg Consistory Council in Tsarist
>> Poyavskoi regarding the dissolvement of a marriage in Plock in 1869?
>> Would such a record still exist? How can I find out and begin the
>> process of tracking down such a record?
>> Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
>> Many thanks,
>> Peter Schmidt
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