[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Seeking Records from the Evangelical Augsburg Consistory Council

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Tue Jul 22 10:40:46 PDT 2014

 Hello Earl, Peter,

     Now that Natalia has cleared up the "Tsarist Poyavskoi"
 red herring, I've got some good news, and some bad news.

     In the AGAD archive in Warsaw, they have the surviving records
 of the Evangelical-Augsburg Consistory of Warsaw, which I think
 must be the organisation you are looking for. This includes the
 records of the Consistory Court on divorce cases, but unfortunately
 just for the years 1876-1936, which is a few years too late for the
 case that interests you.

    The Consistory records are Fond 432, title
 Konsystorz Kościoła Ewangelicko-Augsburskiego w Warszawie

    You can read a little (in Polish) about the Fond and its contents at


    I don't know if there is any other archive that might hold older
 divorce records - if you do find them, I'm sure there would be a lot
 of interest.

            Paul Rakow

"Earl Schultz" <Earl.Schultz at telusplanet.net> wrote:

> 4. Re: Seeking Records from the Evangelical	Augsburg Consistory
> Council (Earl Schultz)

> Peter, I don't have an answer for you but I have noticed quite a few
> divorces in the Michalki records, near Plock, and I wrote an article
> about them for the SGGEE Journal (Sep 2009).  I am interested if you
> track these down.  I would approach the archives in Lipno and/or Plock
> and ask if they have these records.  They do accept English emails but
> will reply in Polish.  Also, I would try the Evangelical-Augsburg Church
> and you may want to start with the Berlin Evangelical-Lutheran Archives
> (EZAB) and they also accept English emails.  Other than that, I can't
> help but I would appreciate you letting the listserve or me know what
> answers you receive.
> Earl
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Does anyone here know how I could track down the record of the judgement
>> of the Evangelical Augsburg Consistory Council in Tsarist Poyavskoi
>> regarding the dissolvement of a marriage in Plock in 1869?
>> Would such a record still exist? How can I find out and begin the process
>> of tracking down such a record?
>> Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
>> Many thanks,
>> Peter Schmidt

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