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After looking in three reliable surname dictionaries, this one appears best described as:

"Compounds (ornamental) Jewish: Kuperbaum, Kuperboim, Kiperbaum (copper tree): Kupferberg, Kup(p)erberg (copper hill); Kupfersberg also exists as a German vocabulary word meaning "copper mine" but this is probably not relevant to any of the Jewish surnames)' Kuperfish (copper fish); Kup(p)ermintz (copper coin); Kupferminc (Polish spelling); Kuperschlak (copper blow); Kupferstein, Kupers(h)stein, Kupperstein (copper stone); Kupfersto(c)k Kuperstock (copper staff) Kup(f)erwasser (copper water)."
A Dictionary of Surnames  by Hanks  & Hodges.

As to how common a surname this is, for current usage, you might try the German phone books - www.dastelefonbuch.de/     (Enter the surname only in the left-hand box.)  I'm sure there are similar sites for Poland and Volhynia.    Of course, you will have to dig more deeply for usage in the time period you're searching to see how it has evolved over time and place..


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Would the name  “Kupferstein” or a variation of this name be a common Jewish 
family name ?

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