[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Plock Divorce record -- found?

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Yup, this notation on the side of the marriage record does indicated a dissolvement of the marriage.  This may be about all you will find.  One other option may be the Alegata records of Plock church in Plock Archives, which you would have to order directly from the Archives.

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  For those who have been kindly following along in my historic family
  drama, I did hear from one generous reader of this listserv who
  happened to have a copy from the LDS Microfilm of August Daubler's
  first marriage to Juliana Ehmke in 1845 (which ended in the
  "dissolvement") that he kindly sent to me.

  What's interesting about the 1845 marriage record is that a
  significant signed note appears to have been written horizontally in
  the left margin, indicating the date of 1869 (the year of the
  divorce). I'm wondering if indeed this could be the record of the
  divorce that my family and I have been seeking.

  The record can be downloaded from this link for the next week or so:


  I feel like I'm finally getting close -- are any readers here able to
  make sense of exactly what that note in the left margin says?

  Tremendous thanks,

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