[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Seeking Records from the Evangelical Augsburg Consistory

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Thank you so much Earl.

Yes, prior to getting divorced, Ehmke bore at least seven children for
Daubler, and at least two of those children have living descendants
from which DNA could be obtained. So, suffice to say, not having
children is not a reason for their divorce. My cousin is diligently
(and delicately) approaching the family about securing a DNA sample...

Earl, have you had a chance to read this interesting article over on
Ancestry.com about the naming conventions for children born out of
wedlock in the 1800's?

It applies to Mecklenburg which obviously is not Plock, but it is
still interesting reading. In that Wilhelmine Hein's illegitimate
daughter was named Dorothea Hein and Daubler was still married to
Ehmke at the time of her birth in late 1866. Daubler didn't divorce
Ehmke and marry Wilhelmine Hein until 1869 (though he was Dorothea
Hein's Godfather and the first witness listed at her baptism).

Anyhow, as you pointed out earlier, DNA does seem to be the best
solution for me and my family at the moment.

Again, profound thanks to you and the listserv for your help and guidance,


On Wed, Jul 23, 2014 at 8:37 PM, Earl Schultz
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> Peter, without doing a word for word translation, this looks exactly like the notes in the margin that I found and wrote about in the SGGEE Journal article (Sept. 09).  Members of SGGEE get access to all 16 years of Journals and can download them all if they want.  The note basically says that the Consistory granted a divorce in 1869 and not much more than that.  The reason for the divorce may be elsewhere.  However, it is proof that the divorce occurred and if this is what you want then it gives you that.
> Can I ask if Juliana Ehmke had any children in their 24 year marriage.  That seems like a long time to go childless before getting a divorce.  Normally I've seen around 10 years before applying for a divorce.  If there are children then it is more likely that one of the other grounds for divorce would be the reason and some of these are given in my article.  For example, abuse, a change of religion, or my favourite that they were coerced to marry.  That was the reason so many brides would say they were being coerced when they were at the altar and then go through with the marriage.  If they didn't like their husband they would then say that they had been coerced as they had said at the altar.  However, this reason likely wouldn't work after 24 years of "testing" the goods, so to speak.
> Earl
> -----Original Message-----
> For those who have been kindly following along in my historic family drama, I did hear from one generous reader of this listserv who happened to have a copy from the LDS Microfilm of August Daubler's first marriage to Juliana Ehmke in 1845 (which ended in the
> "dissolvement") that he kindly sent to me.
> What's interesting about the 1845 marriage record is that a significant signed note appears to have been written horizontally in the left margin, indicating the date of 1869 (the year of the divorce). I'm wondering if indeed this could be the record of the divorce that my family and I have been seeking.
> The record can be downloaded from this link for the next week or so:
> http://we.tl/gRq1iPwKpi
> I feel like I'm finally getting close -- are any readers here able to make sense of exactly what that note in the left margin says?
> Tremendous thanks,
> Peter

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