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Thank you to all who responded publicly and privately. One person  
indirectly suggested the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada, which turns out to  be 
Manitoba and further west; their website mentions the two more easterly  
groups. Most of us with Baptist ancestors either in Canada or the USA will  
probably want the German Baptists, renamed the North American Baptists, email  
address as in Corinne's reply below.  

The NAB archives volunteered the little information they had on Plum  
Coulee, but with some give and take and further research we established that the  
records went to the Baptist church in Morris, Manitoba. The people there 
tried  very hard to help but were able to locate no Plum Coulee document older 
than the  list of members who transferred in 1920.

The North American Baptists have a complete set (1853-1971) of the  
German-language newspaper Der Sendbote on microfilm, and volunteered to  look up 
obituaries, if you provide name and date of death. They will email  copies of 
what they find, $10 for the first obituary and $5 for other  obituaries. 
(Speaking for myself, since an unsuccessful search is more laborious  than a 
successful search, you may want to send something even in that  case.) They 
found obituaries for three of the six family members I named (and I  already 
had a couple more), but that is too small a sample for me to determine  how 
obituaries were chosen for publication. An obituary may well contain  
birthplace or place of baptism in Eastern Europe, making up somewhat for the  
dearth of surviving Volhynian records.

Dan Pratt


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If the  Baptist church belonged to the "North American Baptist Conference", 
this  is the email for their archives, in Sioux  Falls.
nabarchives at sfseminary.edu
Corinne Arnold

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> Any ideas where records might be found for  Baptist churches that have
> ceased to exist? (I have in mind  particularly the church at Plum Coulee,
> Manitoba, where my great-aunt  was baptized circa 1908 while residing in 
> Neche ND; the Baptists left  in the 1930s, but the Mennonites still have 
> Baptist bell on  display.)

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