[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] research in Edmonton

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 28 21:58:09 PDT 2014

This message is for Carol Duff.

Hi Carol Duff. 
I agree with Earl Schultz 100%. There is really not a heck of a lot in Edmonton that would help you with your research. Sure, we have a wonderful archive here, a very good genealogy society , with some ladies doing research on request for a small fee,plus some other sub groups associated with the Alberta Genealogy Society.  The one other  group that might be of some assistance is the " Historical Society of Germans from Poland and Volhynia " . Their office is located in the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church at 10014 - 81 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta and their library is open every Thursday from 10AM - 2.00 PM .  The library has a lot ( and I mean a lot ) of books on almost all areas in Eastern Europe, but mostly on Poland and Volhynia. It all depends on the area that you  are researching, but I would think that the SGGEE library in Calgary would be better choice for your research. There are a few members of the SGGEE in Edmonton who would assist you,  at least I would think so. I did a lot of research most likely in almost the same regions that you are involved with,.....and none  of the Edmonton based genealogy societies  did   supply me with any relevant information. Besides that, a lot could be done by simple correspondence. You wrote that you think that you were in Edmonton about 20 years ago : Are you sure it was Edmonton . I'm sure that you know in what town, village, your ancestors used to live in and I also think that there are enough people out there who would assist you with your search, without you travelling to Edmonton . The Alberta Genealogy Society has indexed the Alberta homestead records and these records may help, if one of your ancestors homesteaded in Alberta. The information on this subject can be obtained by correspondence. The same applies to most any of the other information that you are looking for. I hate to see you spend money without getting a good pay-back on your investment of time and money.
Before you make any travel plans, think this over carefully and maybe list members can also come up with some useful ideas.
If there is anything I can do help, please let me know.
Peter von Lipinsky 

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