[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] My Genealogy

Robert Norenberg robertnorenberg at yahoo.ca
Tue Jun 3 16:18:41 PDT 2014

Over the years that I have been on this list I have had a few enquiries about family names. My names of major concern are, of course, No(e)renberg but also others such as Oswald, Bachus, Schattschneider, Senft, Martel, Mueller, Bleich and many others. If anyone is ever searching for these names or perhaps names of people who may have married into these families you may peruse my up loaded on line file at                            "tribalpages.com". On the left side of the page is a filed for Site Search. Just type in robertnore here and it will take you directly to my file.    If perchance you find that any of your lines should follow back in time towards Wuerttemberg I would like to suggest you look at my other on line file. In my search I found many dead ends but the ones that revealed themselves to me just took me further back in time. I found myself in one small area of Wuerttemberg where I ended up extracting all the
 records for two different sets of parish records. Thus, my file is aptly named Schwaikheim Winnenden Extraction. It also contains many of the records of the little hamlets very near by as these people continually married the locals from all the neighbouring villages. This files has around 125,000 entries and I had so much fun doing this project. Just go to "rootsweb.com" and type in NSWE in site search here as well. Cheers Robert Norenberg 

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