[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ancestry changes to DNA testing

Joyce Guasch jguasch at fastmail.net
Fri Jun 6 21:09:52 PDT 2014

For any of you who have an interest in Ancestry DNA, it was called to my
attention today that you can no longer have your DNA tested for Y-DNA or
mtDNA with Ancestry. Autosomal is the only test available now.




Three of my family tested with Family Tree DNA (FTDNA)
https://www.familytreedna.com . FTDNA has Y-DNA, mtDNA as well as Family
Finder (Autosomal) testing available. 


For those of you who attended the convention in Seattle, will remember that
Emily Aulicino was one of our speakers. She was just about to release her
book: Genetic Genealogy, The Basics and Beyond. I ordered the book, find it
very useful. Basic enough for me, but still includes plenty of information
that I still don't understand. But I do understand Y-DNA and mtDNA and the
basics of why to test. 


If you have any questions about DNA, besides the very knowledgeable people
of SGGEE, Emily is also a good resource. She invited us to email her at
aulicino at hevanet.com if we have any questions. I have and she always
responds promptly. But I always have very simple questions.  


Joyce Welke Guasch

of Springfield, OR

Researching: Welke, Gurke, Beniamin

Ratz, Lentz, Zimmerman of East Poland

Haner, Lindley, Wisbey, Bailey,

of the US and Germany





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