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You have had some answers to your questions, I hope someone else can follow up with the answers to the best way to research Noerenberg in the EWZ files. 


Have you been to this site?  http://www.volhynia.com/res-ewz.html 


I don’t know anything about the history of that area, what happened to those who stayed behind after WWI and until WWII or even what happened to those who were there in WWII. I am certain that those in East Poland, my family, were forcibly moved during WWII, and no one was left behind. 


Joyce Welke Guasch 


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Hi Joyce,


Thank you for sending details. They are interesting, mainly the ones in Lodz I believe.


I have some questions about researching EWZ files which I replicate to the list. What is the best approach when browsing EWZ files? I can see many Norenbergs there but the villages are usually far away from Luck where my ancestors where in 1908, they are even outside Volhynia. All of the ancestors that I know but one have left Europe by 1915. I am pretty sure there are others that I don't know of that might have stayed in Volhynia and never left.


But for those who stayed in Volhynia (Luck area) and in general, was there a common migration until the WWII? Did they go back to Poland or went East before the war or in between wars?


I'd say probably not a good idea and can't afford to order every EWZ file with a Norenberg in it if I can't filter a little bit more, there are plenty that will be unrelated.


Kind Regards








On 9 June 2014 03:57, Joyce Guasch <jguasch at fastmail.net> wrote:

As you will see, there are some location names that I have not corrected for one reason or another. In this case, I am stumped. Especially Michael Noerenberg and his spouse, born in “Marianowic” 


If you have any suggestions, let me know. I have copies of the Stammblatts where this info came from that I can also send you. 


If you would like any spouse info, some is available. Whatever was on the Stammblatts has been recorded. My file, when finished, will cover two films. It is a work in progress, very slow progress.


Joyce Welke Guasch


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Hi Joyce,


I would much like to have a look on these files, if could possibly send it to me.

Kind Regards




On 8 June 2014 16:26, Joyce Guasch <jguasch at fastmail.net> wrote:

I too have a number of Noerenbergs in a file, from EWZ film, Dubeczno, and from Radom area.  If anyone would like details, let me know and I will send details.

Joyce Welke Guasch

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I was scrolling scans for my own research and recognised a familiar name from this list recently. It seems a shame not pass on the find. If of no use to Mauricio or Robert may be some use to someone else.

A couple of random finds for the FN Norenberg researchers:

Tutschin, Rowno

♂ Adolf Norenberg
* 1885 Hoszcze
✞ 7 July 1887 Hoszcze
[]9 July 1887 Hoszcze
father: Friedrich Norenberg
mother: Karoline Binder

♂ Erdmann Friedrich Nerenberg
* 31 August 1890 Witkow, Rowno
✞ 5 September 1890 Witkow, Rowno
[] 7 September 1890 Witkow, Rowno
father:Friedrich Nerenberg
mother: Caroline Binder



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