[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] EWZ

Jack Milner wjmilner at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 10 09:59:48 PDT 2014

*World War I I*


The Ribbentrop-Molotov non-agression pact ended on June 22, 1941 when 
Germany invaded Russia. However, during the period 1939 - 1945 more than 
2.9 million individuals were processed by the German 
Einwanderungszentralstelle (EWZ) - (Immigration Central Office) to 
facilitate the resettlement of ethnic Germans from other parts of Europe

*War, Flight and Displacement*

The westward advance of Soviet troops in 1943 continued until Berlin 
surrendered on May 2, 1945.

The EWZ files show two distinct waves of people from Volhynia occurred: 
the Germans from western Volhynia at the start of the war and the 
Germans from eastern Volhynia at the end of 1943 when the Red Army 
pushed them out

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