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Hi Laurelei,  et al

The 1916 census for Edward and Helen Schindel

The 1921 census listed them as  Stcheindel  - an obvious error!  ( I don't
have access to the actual link - this is from Ancestry.ca)


They lived in Aberdeen, SK it appears

A search for a Lutheran cemetery in Melville got this hit



There was a Kate Schindel buried there - aged 2 in May 1922.  It might be
worth contacting this Church to see if there was a burial that was not
indexed - perhaps there was not a permanent stone but noted in the burial
register.  And possibly a second marriage since the children were so young.

It is possible that Helen may have been buried in the municipal cemetery,
so a query to the Melville SK municipal cemetery might provide

Melville Municipal Cemetery

Venessa Brouillard, Administrative Assistant

Phone: 306-728-6840

E-mail: vbrouillard at melville.ca

Melville churches:


If not Melville, here,s a link to searching for churches in Saskatachewn:

Aberdeen does not appear to have one now - but may have at one time.

Also found this:

Schindel, JOHN 50 born Czaplovich, Russia; PAULINE 53; GR. Port of entry
Winnipeg Manitoba Aug 10, 1912; serial 198-151-30 class E.  Relative son
EDWARD SCHINDEL, Aberdeen, SASK. In USA 1896 to Apl 1903 North Dakota.
Paid self. To Alberta, ATA b.i. Chas DOEN $1300, permanent, 5'5 med bro
blue. NY May 1896 Stuttgart. Also John 50 5'5" 3.21.1912  172-134-22.

in http://www.home.earthlink.net/~dhoskins/genersch/geklaca1.htm

which appears to be a listing of GRs in LDS films:  header states the
following: Notes on Canadian Crossings Soundex

*LDS film reels in the range 1472975- 1473200 contains Soundex
cardsextracted from offical US-Canadian Border Crossing Records. (See at:
www.familysearch.org <http://www.familysearch.org> /Categories/Library
Films   enter St Albans, Vermont for all BORDER entries.)The following is
an extract from those films of persons identifyableas being Germans from
Russia, and a few other nationalities.SURNAMES: plus more surnames
Soundex code, but actually only to theextent of the leading alpha

*I've never searched this before, but I just Googled Schindel and Melville
and came up with a number of interesting hits.  Long shots mostly.... but

Hope some of this helps.....


On Sun, Jun 15, 2014 at 9:59 PM, Gerald Klatt <gerald.klatt at shaw.ca> wrote:

> Hi Laurelei
> I have Edward's sister, Karoline in my database. Her grand-daughter,
> Johanna Deimert oo Emil Buss. Emil is in my tree.
> It's interesting that both marriages for Edward occurred in Winnipeg, not
> Saskatchewan.
> Edward "Schnidel" oo 17 Jan 1907 Winnipeg "Ellen" Galenyewski
> Edward "Schindel" oo 7 Apr 1917 Winnipeg Emily Riege
> No record of any children from his first marriage in either the Manitoba
> or Saskatchewan birth indexes.
> No record of any death for Ellen (Helen) in Manitoba. As you pointed out,
> Saskatchewan only to 1916 at this time.
> I tried a couple of variant spellings - Schindel, Schindle and Schnidel.
> The latter is the spelling given in the index with his marriage to Ellen
> Galenyewski.
> I'm not beaten yet. I'm still on the case and will be in touch.
> Regards,
> Gerald
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> Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] stuck on name "Galenyewski"
> It took 20 years to find the marriage record for Edward Schindle and Helen
> (mystery name). Helen (the grandmother of a thousand names) is listed on
> her marriage record as "Galenyewski". Google informs me that this is not
> the name I'm looking for ;-)
> Clearly, this name will be spelled many different ways. I need help!
> Helen lived in Beausejour, MB at the time of her marriage. She was born in
> Germany in 1889.
> I believe her parents lived in Canada at the time - since Edward's father
> in law shot at him around 1912.
> Helen gives her name as "Behrend" on her 3rd son's birth certificate.
> Later documents (her children's death records) have her listed as Kolmeski
> and Goloviesky.
> The young lady died in 1917, but I can't access the SK death records for
> 1917 yet.
> The Edward Schindle family lived primarily in Aberdeen SK, in Bergheim.
> Thoughts?
> Thanks!
> Laurelei
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> difference you want to make.”
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