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I believe you will not yet find any digitized records from Czermno church or any church books from this area which are housed in the Plock Archives.   I know the Archives have indexed some church books but do not know when they will post digitized records.  

I read somewhere that the digitial copier make it's rounds from Archive to Archive in Poland for a certain time period in each archive.  

It think you will need or order the film #729489 and read it at your FHCenter.  

The info page indicates the language is German, but I believe these films are written in Polish.

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  I asked this on the Poland Genealogy Research Facebook page, but have
  gotten no answers:

  My Polish is not good enough to direct me to the next step. I found my
  g-g-g-g-grandparents' marriage record here, but do not know where to
  go to request a copy:

  Do I use the information here?:

  or here?: http://parafie.genealodzy.pl/index.php?op=se&file=index&req=search&search=czermno

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