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I know I have relatives in Brazil but don't know how to reach them, nor even get more information about the migration from Poland to Russia to Brazil.  Here is what I know -- if anyone can point me where to look, I'd appreciate it: 

Heinrich Spitzmacher -- born in Poland around 1850 (part of the family lived in Ociete and/or Laczka near Wegrow, Poland.  Sister may be Eufrosin Spitzmacher -- born in 1851 in Ociete.  Heinrich married a Elisabeth Matt.  At some point around 1880 they moved into Russia and as the story goes soon moved to Brazil.  ( I know nothing of ship records from Russia to Brazil -- point me in some direction if you are able.)  They had a son named Theophila Spitzmacher  married Karol Polenz and had a son named Arthur in 1932 in Brazil  (as of a few years ago, word came that Arthur was still alive).  Arthur has two daughters -- Marlene and Neusa. 

I don't know where in Brazil these folks are.  The information I have came through e-mails from other family in Germany who had made a connection somehow. 

Again, I'd appreciate any ideas for research 


Paula Meiers 

Washington State, USA 

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I have close relatives in Brazil (where I'm from), Argentina and Paraguay 
(Uruguay is a bit far away from the area my relatives are) 
Some of them are living in remote agricultural areas, still speak the old 
Volhynian German and are still living as farmers with their Lutheran 
churches as communities. Very similar with the old days except they have 
access to way more goods and technology of course. 

On 12 June 2014 13:13, Ort Kolewe <okolewe at me.com> wrote: 

> You should check Paraguay& Uruguay& Argentina too..some of my 3rd cousins 
> moved there too ... Some of them are growing bananas& potatoes . 
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> > On Jun 11, 2014, at 6:25 PM, Mauricio Norenberg < 
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> > 
> > Hi Sigrid 
> > Thank you for the reply and hopefully we will find a connection soon. 
> > It is impressive how far I got, provided I had no clue my ancestors where 
> > from Volhynia back in 2006 when I started all my research. Definitely 
> > was decisive on this and I'm very grateful. I hope one day I will be able 
> > to attend one of your conventions in Canada. 
> > I have a trip to Brazil in November where I will hunt for new clues about 
> > relatives in Brazil. Old notes, documents and pictures. 
> > Hopefully it will help explain a few things. 
> > 
> > Mauricio 
> > 
> > 
> >> On 11 June 2014 13:31, Sigrid Pohl Perry <perry1121 at aol.com> wrote: 
> >> 
> >> Mauricio, 
> >> 
> >> I understand your problem. Your family left Volhynia before WWI, but you 
> >> know they probably left relatives, and not just Noerenbergs, behind. 
> >> has helped you find connections to earlier ancestors like those in 
> >> Glogowiec, the ancestral village even you and I share. But you have many 
> >> gaps. You don't know which families moved to Canada, the US, Germany, or 
> >> other places, nor when they left between 1915 and 1950. Also, any 
> >> Noerenberg women who married changed their names. And you have ancestors 
> >> with many other names. I know that the data you have submitted to SGGEE 
> for 
> >> the MPD will help you make connections and will lead to records in other 
> >> villages besides those in Volhynia. 
> >> 
> >> Now, to make a few comments about EWZ. Before I had access to the Lublin 
> >> records which include all my families between 1860 and 1940 (except a 
> few 
> >> who also emigrated at random times to the US, Canada or Germany), I 
> ordered 
> >> many EWZ films. I first ordered the alphabetical Kartei films for Domres 
> >> and Pohl (my parents). I made a note of anyone who came from the Lublin 
> >> area. I began ordering films and I found much information which I didn't 
> >> know before. Now that I have Lublin records, I know some of that 
> >> information was vague and incorrect, but it was a place to start. Of 
> >> course, I have no idea what happened to most of those people after the 
> >> resettlement in 1940. Did they survive the war? Where did they move 
> after 
> >> the war ended? But they are now part of my family history. 
> >> 
> >> I suggest you order the alphabetical Kartei film for 
> Noerenberg/Norenberg. 
> >> It may have Volhynia residents as well as ones from the Lublin area and 
> >> other areas of Poland. You may find people who connect to your 
> grandparents 
> >> or great-grandparents. Make notes or take photos of the ones whose 
> wives or 
> >> parents share some of your other surnames. Whether you find enough 
> >> information to order specific films will depend on what you find. But 
> you 
> >> don't have to order random films. Dave Obee's website does give the 
> names 
> >> of many Volhynian residents in 1940-1943 who were resettled, and it 
> gives 
> >> the names of villages which may be familiar to your family story. That 
> >> should help you decide which films to order there. 
> >> 
> >> Our people suffered many forced migrations and some died in far places. 
> >> But others found new homes in new lands. SGGEE helps us connect to them. 
> >> And I'm glad I'm a member. 
> >> 
> >> Sigrid 
> >> 
> >> On 6/10/2014 7:51 AM, Mauricio Norenberg wrote: 
> >> 
> >> I have some questions about researching EWZ files which I replicate to 
> the 
> >> list. What is the best approach when browsing EWZ files? I can see many 
> >> Norenbergs there but the villages are usually far away from Luck where 
> my 
> >> ancestors where in 1908, they are even outside Volhynia. All of the 
> >> ancestors that I know but one have left Europe by 1915. I am pretty sure 
> >> there are others that I don't know of that might have stayed in Volhynia 
> >> and never left. 
> >> 
> >> But for those who stayed in Volhynia (Luck area) and in general, was 
> there 
> >> a common migration until the WWII? Did they go back to Poland or went 
> East 
> >> before the war or in between wars? 
> >> 
> >> I'd say probably not a good idea and can't afford to order every EWZ 
> file 
> >> with a Norenberg in it if I can't filter a little bit more, there are 
> >> plenty that will be unrelated. 
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