[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] viewing the The Mormon Temple in salt lake City

PETER VON LIPINSKY lipinsky at shaw.ca
Sun Jun 22 12:38:36 PDT 2014

This message is for Eveline Tiefenbach

Hi Eveline.
Unless you are a member of the LDS ( Mormon church ), you won't be able to see the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City ( or at any other place ) on the inside. If you are a LDS member you must have,  what is called a  " Temple Recommend " , which you can only get from your Bishop from your LDS church which you attend. ( if you are a LDS member, you know this anyway ). The only time a non member (LDS church) can see a temple on the inside is, before a new temple is dedicated to the LDS church and at that time,  the temple is usually open for viewing (only for a short time)  to civil administration  dignitaries and sometimes to the general public.  I did see the LDS Temple here in Edmonton from the inside, but as I already mentioned, this was before the temple was dedicated. 

As far as the micro films are concerned, I suggest that you order the micro films  from the LDS library in Salt lake City, so that the micro films will be ready for you to view  when you arrive at the LDS library. The micro films have to ordered out of the granite  mountain vault to be ready for you when you get there. You could send an e-mail to the LDS library to make sure you follow the right procedure. In case that some changes took place from the last time I was in S.L. City, I'm sure that somebody from the list will send you an up-date. 
Peter von Lipinsky 

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