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I asked Emily Aulicino of FTDNA about transferring mtdna results from Ancestry to FTDNA. They have no plans to facilitate that transfer because they test different markers. Unlike the y-dna test where only a few markers need to be added to make the results compatible, the mtdna, while it provides the same Haplogroup information for "deep ancestry", the markers tested are not identical.

Most of us are limited in the amount of money we can spend on these tests. Some years ago, I tested my mtdna with Sorenson/Relative Genetics and my brother's y-dna through them as well; both of these tests migrated to Ancestry. My husband and I were happy with FTDNA's surname projects and there was a Perry one, so he tested through them. More recently, I had a Family Finder autosomal test done with FTDNA and have joined the Vistula River Settlement Project which will cover migration of our German Tribe in Poland. My brother has had his y-dna and basic mtdna done with FTDNA and the Haplogroup results for both are the same as they were with Sorenson/Ancestry; even many of the y-dna markers are the same and the mtdna are identical. He has now added his Family Finder, and while we share LOTS of chromosomes, there are some differences that provide us with "new" matches or verify that matches are closer than first thought. Adding his FF test has yielded more fruitful results than paying for more than 37 y-dna markers (since we are stuck at our great-grandfather Pohl with no surname matches in any database) or a "mega" mtdna test providing deep ancestry for our mitochondria. Remember that our culture changes women's names in each generation when they marry and mtdna mutates very, very slowly. The result is hundreds of matches and no idea where your surnames intersect.

Those of you who have dna results with Ancestry can always download the results per the instructions and save the data until there's an opportunity to upload it to another program. If you know your y-dna or mtdna basic markers, you can enter the results in the http://www.ysearch.org/  OR  http://www.mitosearch.org/   databases which run as FTDNA projects but are open to other users who manually input the information.  For those who have tested autosomal dna with various companies, there are instructions for uploading information in the www.gedmatch.com database. All three of these projects provide you with a larger database for "matching" and finding cousins. Of course, then you still have to find the "document trail." That's where entering your gedcom or Legacy file into the SGGEE database will help find connections to records. Your virtual village will grow and your connection to distant, yet living cousins will grow as well.

Sigrid Pohl Perry
Pohl, Domres, Hapke, Mantei, Kuehn, Scheffler, Buettner, Gatzke, Wolski, Nickel, Dalke et al

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I e-mailed Carol last night but it occurs to me this morning there may 
be other people with questions so I'll post for everyone to see.
I uploaded my autosomal data about a year ago.

  First you must load your raw date from Ancestry to your computer.

This is the link that explains how to down load your  autosomal raw data 
from Ancestry to your computer.


Then go to this address.


Click on " Transfer me now."

When you have paid for your order, you will get a welcome message with a 
kit number.

Then it is just a matter of of pushing the "upload raw data" button.

  At that point it is much the same as attaching a file .
It is a slow upload from Ancestry and download to FTDNA so be patient.

I don't know if you can transfer MTDNA  . The only transfer  option I've 
seen is for autosomal.
Maybe someone else will know.   I did my MTDNA through FTDNA.


On 6/22/2014 8:39 PM, Carol Duff wrote:
> Can anyone list step by step how to transfer DNA and mtDNA from Ancestry to 
Family Tree or some where?
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