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The information that I have says Switzerland for a birth place.  However it 
does indicate that she died in 1917 in Aberdeen, SK.  Maybe death 
certificate may be helpful with parental name and birth place.

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> Laurelei
> I would say the transcript spellings of Behruid and Berudt may be 
> incorrect.  I have seen the written 'n' transcribed as 'u' many times in 
> many records.   You may also see Behrend or Behrendt or Bernt or Behrnt 
> written for the same person or family.
> I have seen Magdalena and Helen(a) for the same person, including my 
> person genealogy.
> Where was Helen born?
> Rose Ingram
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>  This grandmother has long been an enigma. I hope someone can help - even 
> if by offering a new angle on an old problem.
>  A family history names the first wife of Edward Schindle in Aberdeen, SK 
> as "Helen Behrend", possibly transcribed as "Behruid".
>  A researcher for a related branch named her as "Helen Agnes Kolmeski" 
> (totally different! - that researcher has not responded to my questions)
>  A death record for another child of the family gives her name as "Elaine 
> Goloviesky"
>  And a search through FamilyHistory.org gives all of the above and adds 
> "Magdalena Berudt".
>  So... there are some commonalities... in the census she is referred to as 
> "Helen". I believe she's too young to be a widow, though, and she died 
> quite young as well.
>  The young lady in question was born in 1889, wed about 1907 or 1908, and 
> died in 1917.
>  I have not yet found any clues to her parents, who must have been 
> somewhere nearby, as she seems to young to be travelling alone.
>  Saskatchewan hasn't yet indexed their marriage records (and a paid search 
> years ago yielded nothing... at least for "Behruid").
>  Help?
>  Thanks!
>  Laurelei
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