[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Bialosliwie, Posen; Surnames: Boelter, Knak, Wirth

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 I did find a record in the Pozan Project for one of their children... I 
think the town is about half-way between Pila (directly W of Bydgoszcz) and 
Would Bydgoszcz records include this area?

Protestant community Bialosliwie [Weissenhöhe], entry 2 / 1868
Friedrich Wilhelm Boelter (26 years old) father: Jacob Boelter
Justine Wirth (27 years old) father: Johann Wirth

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> Tammy,
> Are these two separate families or are they a married couple? Although I'm 
> sure the Poznan Marriage Project volunteers have not completed indexing 
> for all marriage records between 1800 and 1899, I did not find a match for 
> them as a couple nor too many hits on the names as individuals, though 
> there were some of those (http://poznan-project.psnc.pl/).
> The spellings of the villages must be transcribed from a handwritten 
> document that's difficult to read. The closest villages I can find in the 
> Posen region would be Huettenbusch (Bialoblocie), Zlotow, Wielkopolskie, 
> Poland (per the SGGEE German Empire gazetteer). Zlotow was also known as 
> Flatow. Perhaps someone else will have a different suggestion for 
> "Flotwell" or "Bialosliwie" in the Poznan area.
> "Raw" records for the Bydgoszcz area can be found here: 
> http://www.szukajwarchiwach.pl/6/str/1/15?sort=syg_order#tabZasoby
> There's also a Poznan archive, but Bydgoszcz is closer to Zlotow if that's 
> the right region. Not all records are online, though if there's a place 
> holder for an area and the number of scans is currently 0, I think scans 
> will ultimately be loaded. I've had some experience searching in these 
> Bydgoszcz records and the same villages could be in different "powiat" 
> data, depending on where they reported. And there's no index to which 
> villages are in which section. You just have to start looking at records. 
> Keep in mind that "parafii rzymskokatolickiej" is Catholic, "ewangelicko" 
> Lutheran, and "zydowskiej" Jewish records.
> Good luck.
> Sigrid Pohl Perry
> On 3/2/2014 3:26 PM, Tammy Jochman wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Does anyone know of any online digital records for the Bialosliwie, Posen 
>> area?
>> I am search for records for the the family of:
>> Jacob BOELTER,   b. 1 Jul 1795, Bialosliwie, Posen,   d. 13 Feb 1867, 
>> Bialosliwie, Posen, Germany
>> Anna Christine KNAK,   b. 14 Dec 1802,   d. 29 Sep 1880, Flotwell, Posen,
>> Thanks,
>> Tammy Jochman
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