[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Bialosliwie, Posen; Surnames: Boelter, Knak, Wirth

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That's even better! You can get a good view of places from a Polish 
perspective by using www.pilot.pl for a map. For records related to 
Bialosliwie, you might try other Bydgoszcz regions like Wyrzysk. Naklo 
nad Noteccia (Nakel) would be great, but they don't have too many 
Catholic or Protestant records loaded online from there yet. You'll have 
to check the range of Lutheran records around Bydgoszcz to see if any of 
them are close to this region. I looked up the Boelter/Wirth marriage in 
the Poznan Marriage Project and clicked on "original record." It's in a 
Berlin Evangelical archive (moved during WWII??). You could write them 
for the full record and ask if they have any information on the parents.


On 3/2/2014 6:20 PM, Tammy Jochman wrote:
> I did find a record in the Pozan Project for one of their children... 
> I think the town is about half-way between Pila (directly W of 
> Bydgoszcz) and Bydgoszcz.
> Would Bydgoszcz records include this area?
> Protestant community Bialosliwie [Weissenhöhe], entry 2 / 1868
> Friedrich Wilhelm Boelter (26 years old) father: Jacob Boelter
> Justine Wirth (27 years old) father: Johann Wirth
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>> Tammy,
>> Are these two separate families or are they a married couple? 
>> Although I'm sure the Poznan Marriage Project volunteers have not 
>> completed indexing for all marriage records between 1800 and 1899, I 
>> did not find a match for them as a couple nor too many hits on the 
>> names as individuals, though there were some of those 
>> (http://poznan-project.psnc.pl/).
>> The spellings of the villages must be transcribed from a handwritten 
>> document that's difficult to read. The closest villages I can find in 
>> the Posen region would be Huettenbusch (Bialoblocie), Zlotow, 
>> Wielkopolskie, Poland (per the SGGEE German Empire gazetteer). Zlotow 
>> was also known as Flatow. Perhaps someone else will have a different 
>> suggestion for "Flotwell" or "Bialosliwie" in the Poznan area.
>> "Raw" records for the Bydgoszcz area can be found here: 
>> http://www.szukajwarchiwach.pl/6/str/1/15?sort=syg_order#tabZasoby
>> There's also a Poznan archive, but Bydgoszcz is closer to Zlotow if 
>> that's the right region. Not all records are online, though if 
>> there's a place holder for an area and the number of scans is 
>> currently 0, I think scans will ultimately be loaded. I've had some 
>> experience searching in these Bydgoszcz records and the same villages 
>> could be in different "powiat" data, depending on where they 
>> reported. And there's no index to which villages are in which 
>> section. You just have to start looking at records. Keep in mind that 
>> "parafii rzymskokatolickiej" is Catholic, "ewangelicko" Lutheran, and 
>> "zydowskiej" Jewish records.
>> Good luck.
>> Sigrid Pohl Perry
>> On 3/2/2014 3:26 PM, Tammy Jochman wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Does anyone know of any online digital records for the Bialosliwie, 
>>> Posen area?
>>> I am search for records for the the family of:
>>> Jacob BOELTER,   b. 1 Jul 1795, Bialosliwie, Posen,   d. 13 Feb 
>>> 1867, Bialosliwie, Posen, Germany
>>> Anna Christine KNAK,   b. 14 Dec 1802,   d. 29 Sep 1880, Flotwell, 
>>> Posen,
>>> Thanks,
>>> Tammy Jochman
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