[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Looking for Info in area around Flatow now Zlotow -- Ossowo, Schwente, Koenigsdorf

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I noticed someone posted something about Flatow now Zlotow a bit ago.  I know this is slightly out of the usual area, but I'm looking for where to look for film or on line resources for searching for births/deaths/marriages in this area.  The Meier(s) family -- my great grandparents came from here Augusta Marwahn -- born in Konigsdorf 1/13/1866, Emil Meier died in Schwente in 1902 -- Albert Emil Meier born in Schwente 10-20-1900,  Several other children born in Ossowo, now Osowo -- Hubert Herman Meier -- June 19, 1894.  I have Bertha Marwahn (sister of Augusta) born in Koenigsdorf 8-20-1848.  She married a Johann Prahl. 

Other names in the family -- Emelie and Caroline Belz -- maybe sisters.  Carl Hardke married Emelie Belz  -- April 24, 1868.  The family's last contact before coming to the U.S. in 1907 was Carl Hardke in Schwente, West Prussia.  I think Carl and Emlie were married in Krojanke. 

I have death records on all of the folks who came to the U.S. but I'd like to find some birth/baptism records and marriage records.  The were all Lutheran prior to coming to the U.S. 

Anyone know about any LDS films available or anything else? 


Paula Jean Meiers 

from Wisconsin, currently living in Tacoma, Washington 

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