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Subject: Re: Tonn & Zielke/Zuelke in Chodecz Parish - and other lines in Posen, Prussia

Related to the note excerpts below Re: Tonn & Zielke/Zuelke in Chodecz Parish - and other lines in Posen, Prussia – here are links to the German genealogy.net GEDBAS database that have some of these names in them (e.g. Wilhelm Ludwik Tonn, Anklam wife, parents Johan Tonn & Anna Karolina Zuelke/Zielke:

For these folks and a few hundred other Tonn names from church records or family trees collected into a single database (although you already seem to have more Tonn and related names than are in this database, and seem to come from same church book sources):

TONN:       http://gedbas.genealogy.net/search/simple?firstname=&placename=&lastname=Tonn&timelimit=none&offset=0&max=500

ZIELKE:    http://gedbas.genealogy.net/search/simple?firstname=&placename=&lastname=zielke&timelimit=none&offset=0&max=500
ZUEHLKE:   http://gedbas.genealogy.net/search/simple?firstname=&placename=&lastname=zuehlke&timelimit=none&offset=0&max=500
(need to type in the various spellings to get different results)

... and the main search page where anyone can type in a surname or place name to see what is in there:


Note that this is not a fuzzy/soundex search, so changing one alphabet letter will change the results – one gets more information by typing in ONLY a surname or ONLY a placename, and few results if both fields filled in; also useful to type in only first few letters of a name or place to get more results that might be spelled differently (although sometimes umlauted letters sometimes accounted for).

For example, all folks at the Bycz locale (including your Johann Tonn and son Wilhelm Ludwig), by typing only Bycz in ‘place name’ field with surname field empty:


Similarly, when one opens a page for a particular individual, one can click on the ‘search this place’ to see other residents at locale, and get a feel for who is living in same settlement (or at least who has been entered into the database).

Also on these pages are name and email address of the submitter, sometimes references or notes, and if permitted by owner, can download the GED file of that particular submitter (not all allow).

One can search for a surname, person or place in all the databases linked into this site at once by using the Metasearch tab – it will list all the hits for any databases on the site, which one can then open up if looks interesting:


===>> These are truly “Hit or Miss” propositions – some locales have quite many church records in the database, most none; some family names have large trees, most are orphan records or link to just a few other people.  Occasionally one finds something useful or highlights an area to look further.


Draeger / Dreger:

For the people who indicated an interest in Draeger / Dreger – didn’t find matches of folks you mentioned, but there are a couple hundred other Dreger / Draeger names in the database, so might be worth a look.


From: Joan Tonn 
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To: 'Kenneth Powell' 
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Subject: RE: Zielke/Zuelke in Chodecz Parish - reference: Ger-Poland-Volhynia Digest, Vol 132, Issue 15

Hi, Ken—it’s heartwarming to see the cooperation among all the readers of this forum!  My main line is the TONN name, starting with Johan Tonn(1810-1857), married first to Anna Karoline Natchigall, then  married to Anna Karolina Zuelke/Zielke.  Johan is the son (I think) of Georg Albrecht Tonn (1759-1857) and Anna Elisabeth Koenig.  Johan’s children include Wilhelm (or Michael) Ludwik Tonn (1837-1918), August Tonn (1840-1946), Gottlieb (1844-?), Justine (1846-?), Anna Karoline (1849-?), Luise (1851-?),Friedrich (1854-?) and Samuel ( 1857-?).  


Wilhelm Ludwik (a religious teacher/or cantor in Kozki), is the father of Samuel , August, Theophila, Martin, Marianna, and Emil, (all born between 1861-1868) with his first wife, Anna Alexandra Anklam (1840-1868).  By his second wife, Kristina Mantik (Mantick) he had at least three or four children: Bogoslaw (Gottlob? Born 1870), Wilhelmina (1873), Ludwig (1880-1946) and Adolph (1882-1965). I may be missing some with the gap in years here.  It appears that most were born or lived in Trojaczek, Teodorowo, Kozki, Bycz, Pamiatka,  Marriages occurred between Tonn family members and Steinke, Demlang, Rebke, Kruger, Drews (Drefs)and Pubantz members. I’m hoping by following the different children and their marriages, to find more information on the main line.  


I also would like to know where in Germany the Tonn family originated, as they are described in birth records as Colonists from Kozki, etc.  It may open another line for me to investigate.


Hi Joan,
> I'm not researching that family, but I have collected a few Zielke's as I
> try to find another one.
> From Chodecz records,I have a Karoline, daughter of Jan Zielke and Anna
> Rosina Koenig, One of her brothers, Gottfryd, had several children (wife
> Anna Gustyna Buk). Three of them were born in Brantowizna, and three were
> born in Woleckie Holendry, so it does seem that the two places are near
> each other.
> Sue


Hi, Susan,


The Zielke/Zuelke name seems to come up with some of the same names. Jana
>> Zuelke (1758-1858) and Rozyny Koenig (1776-1858) are the parents of Anne
>> Karoline. Anna Karoline married Johan Tonn. Are you researching the same
>> family?
>> Joan


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