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paul.rakow at cantab.net paul.rakow at cantab.net
Sat May 17 07:24:09 PDT 2014

 Hello Jill,

     I had a look for your Wilhelm Gisbrecht in the Hamburg
 departure list, because that often has more information
 than the arrival list. He is listed, departing from
 Hamburg on 2nd March, in the "Scandia".

      The Hamburg list says he came from Tlodorowo in Russia,
 not from German Poland. There is also a Ludwig Schmelzer from
 the same village, a little higher up on the same page - have you
 ever come across him?

      I haven't had any luck finding a village or town called
 Tlodorowo in Russia or in Poland - maybe someone will have an
 idea of which place is intended.

      I hope this helps - identifying the place he was from is
 the most important thing to try for.

            Paul Rakow

 Jill Palko <jillbripalko at gmail.com> wrote:

> Does anyone have any connections to Gisbrecht genealogy who are Lutheran
> residing in German Poland.  The dates I am looking for are from the date
> of birth for Wilhem Gisbrecht (alternate spelling) 1867.  Immigrated on
> Maniest "Scandia" in 1890 from Hamburg Germany to New York?

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