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Online Index for Family-Book of Lutheran Parish Tarnowke in Kreis Flatow - West Prussia:
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There are about 100 Tonn names in this database from this other Parish that have been indexed....if only you might be able to find a link to your Johan Tonn ancestor who ended up in Chodecz Parish
And several other surnames with several dozen entries or more for families with origins in this area.
This was related to your comment here: 
  “... My main line is the TONN name, starting with Johan Tonn(1810-1857), married first to Anna Karoline Natchigall, then  married to Anna Karolina Zuelke/Zielke. (Re: Tonn & Zielke/Zuelke in Chodecz Parish) ----   I also would like to know where in Germany the Tonn family originated, as they are described in birth records as Colonists from Kozki, etc.  It may open another line for me to investigate. >> Joan”
Notes on the family book

The Protestant church Tarnowke, Flatow was founded around the year 1579. For parish Tarnowke included in addition to the property on the county Flatow affiliated churches in Ossowke, Petzewo and Sakollnow from the district Flatow the towns of Anna Field, Paruschke, Petzin and Wengerz, as well as from the district of German crown the villages Kramske and Plötzmin. The Church in Tarnowke was demolished after a fire in 1702 during the Counter Reformation in 1732. A new building was built in 1773 as a half-timbered building. Originals of church books were almost completely destroyed in the course of the Second World War. Have received in the State Archives in Koszalin only the official church book duplicates for the period from 01.01.1823 - 30.09.1874 and the marriage register (Original) for the years 1874-1897.Also found Privately Held the marriage register was still for the years 1898 to 1944. I started with the indexing of the traditional church books. Been processed so far the period from 01.01.1823 - 30.09.1874. The result of this processing is accessible online. 


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