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Hello Mauricio,

As you probably realise, this churchbook marriage entry is written in Polish, and of a Napoleonic form. 

With the help of Jack Bowman's translation aids (available on the SGGEE website) I'm going to rise to this translation challenge.

I'll spare you the full Napoleonic long form in favour of the short form and attempt to provide the pertinent details. There are some names I can't quite make out but, hopefully, other readers will chime in on any missed or incorrect translations.

At any rate... (and without guarantee) below is my effort to get things started. 




It came to pass in the village of Skoszewack(?)
on 14 November 1827 at one o'clock in the afternoon in the presence of witnesses:
Bogumila (=Gottlieb) Sternack (or Hernack?), [occupation=?], age forty-two residing in colony Głogowiec,
Jana(=Johann) Szuka?, (occupation=) smith, residing in colony Głogowiec, age twenty-four.

Accomplished on this day was a religious marriage between Janem(=Johann) Nerimbergem (=Nerimberg), bachelor residing colony Głogowiec and born to Josefa?(=Josef) and wife Kxxsz(ow), a married couple named Nerimberg(ow); age, twenty-eight.


maiden Anna Reicz(?)
born to Macieja(=Matthias) and Elibity(=Elisabeth), a married couple named Schindler(ow)
of colony Głogowiec residing; age, twenty-three; in colony Slowik(?) born and ....???

...marriage preceeded by three announcements (banns) on days:
twenty-eight October; fourth and eleventh November in the current year in parish Skoszewskiej

....permission for marriage given parents of newlywed bride ..... and newlywed groom....

This entry read to the witnesses (likely could not read or write) and signed by:
Anteni Kraszenski, Pastor parish Skoszewskiej

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Hi fellow researchers

I finally managed to get a copy of my gggrandfather's marriage which is one
more breakthrough on my research.

I don't ask this often but I wonder if someone could help me translate this
one? Unfortunately I can't read this.

Here's an amalgamated png

if this quality is too low I have it in 2 parts:


I guess it would be good to post the reply to the group so no one does
double work?

This was found in a catholic parish in Skoszewy. I have the microfilm wich
covers 1825-1828 (urodzeń, małżeństw, zgonów).

I am happy to scan in the case someone needs anything from this film. You
just may need to give me the index number because I don't have much polish
reading skills. I found with help of our colleague Hannes Werner. (thank
you!) but you can also use geneteka database to search for the index:

Thank you all

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