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You're very welcome. I think Rose Ingram meant 14 Nov 1827, not 1847. I read a variant of dwadziescia (=twenty). Right Rose?

The SGGEE MP database has a record of this marriage union Johann NERENBERG OR NUERNBERG oo Anna Rosine SCHINDLER, but without a marriage date. It confirms Johann Nerenberg birth year 1798 and Anna Rosine Schindler birth year 1804, which would be consistent with ages recorded on the 1827 marriage entry. There are also two children recorded for this marriage.

@Rose, how does one get this newly found marriage data entered in the SGGEE database?



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Thank you Rose, Gerald, Juergen and Detlef for your attention and
additional information.
I truly appreciate it.

On 22 May 2014 08:01, Rose Ingram <roseingram at shaw.ca> wrote:

>  Maurico
> I will give you a short version of this marriage record -
> Marriage either took place in village of Glowowice as noted in the side
> bar, or in prayer house in Skoszewy  on 14 November 1847.
> The witnesses are Bogumil (Gottlieb) but no guess for last name; and Jan
> Szulc (Johann Schulz).
> Groom:  Jan Nerimberg (Johann and whatever way the last name is spelled),
> living in village of Glogowice, born to Josef and Eva Kuss, family
> Nerimberg, born in same village, age 28 years.  .
> Bride:  Anna R...(I believe an abbreviation for Rosine) daughter of Maciej
> (Matthias) and Elzbieta (Elisabeth) family Schindler, of Glogowice, age 23
> years, born in Slowik.
> Rest of record is dates banns were read in Skoszewy church.
> Good find!
> Rose
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> Hi fellow researchers
> I finally managed to get a copy of my gggrandfather's marriage which is one
> more breakthrough on my research.
> I don't ask this often but I wonder if someone could help me translate this
> one? Unfortunately I can't read this.
> Here's an amalgamated png
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14577001/Johann_Anna_Norenberg_1827
> if this quality is too low I have it in 2 parts:
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14577001/ViewScan_0004.pdf
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14577001/ViewScan_0005.pdf
> I guess it would be good to post the reply to the group so no one does
> double work?
> This was found in a catholic parish in Skoszewy. I have the microfilm wich
> covers 1825-1828 (urodzeń, małżeństw, zgonów).
> I am happy to scan in the case someone needs anything from this film. You
> just may need to give me the index number because I don't have much polish
> reading skills. I found with help of our colleague Hannes Werner. (thank
> you!) but you can also use geneteka database to search for the index:
> http://geneteka.genealodzy.pl/index.php?rid=&from_date=1827&to_date=1827&search_lastname=norymberg&search_lastname2=norymberg&rpp2=20&rpp1=0&bdm=&w=05ld&op=gt&lang=pol
> Thank you all
> Mauricio
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