[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Fw: families Mielke and Stychinsky scans

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Thu May 22 03:11:47 PDT 2014

Hello  Наталья,

here are my short translations:

http://yadi.sk/d/dSdNAPZTQxsfe about Heinrich Mielke and Louise Lau's
marriage in 1844 (in Vlotzlawek)

Wloclawek, 18/30.Jan. 1844
wittnesses: Leopold Lessel, carpenter, 38 of Zazamcze
Karl Vogt, 32, skipper in Schulen?
groom: Heinrich Mielke, 27, smith from Wloclawek
born in Sandberg in Prussia (= Piaski)
son of the deceased Andreas Mielke and in Sandberg residing Eva, nee Dittlaf
Luise Lau, 25, born in Konnecki Holendry, daughter of Andreas Lau and
Eufrosine nee Rinas, deceased parents of Zazamcze, lives with her
>> http://yadi.sk/d/d20vs9SYQxstX about the birth of their oldest daughter 
>> Emilie Augusta in 1844 (in Vlotzlawek)
Wloclawek, 19. Nov. / 1.Dec. 1844
father: Heinrich Mielke, skipper from Nauenburg in Prussia, in Wloclawek 
residing, 27
witnesses: Michael Pankratz, 32, skipper from Wloclawek and Johann Wilhelm, 
43, watchmaker
* 8./20. Oct. in   Berlinek in the near of Wyszogród
mother: Luise Lau, 25
name: Emilie Auguste
>> http://yadi.sk/d/j3Tz9oFOQxtQE about the birth of their daughter Paulina 
>> Berta in 1847 (in Vlotzlawek)
Wloclawek 14. / 26. Dec. 1847
father: Heinrich Mielke, 30, skipper in Torun
witnesses: Andreas Marx, 35, skipper and Johann Wilhelm, 46, watchmaker from 
16. / 28. Nov. in Wloclawek
mother: Luise Lau, 25 (she didn't get older :-))
name: Pauline Bertha
>> Henry and Louise Milkie's son Heinrich Fridrich Wilhelm was born in 1852
>> in Kiev, Louise Lau Mielke (born 1819) died in Kremenchug in 1885. Who
>> can have skancopies of these records?
>> I ask to help me with a translation from German: 
>> http://yadi.sk/d/RzQtcc1IQxwfp
# 29: 1. Aug. 1876: Heinrich Friedrich Mielke oo Adelheid  Stystrchinska

Greetings from Germany,


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