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Hi Ken,
Thank you for your prompt reply.  I am a member of the SGGEE.  The data I enclosed for my grand father Arthur Robert Liening was gleaned from the St.Petersburg records I found on the SGGEE web site.  It sounds like you have quickly found information I’ve been looking a long time for.  How can I find those Zhitomir records on the website or is it possible to locate them online through the LDS?  I hope that it won’t be necessary  to wait until next year.
Thanks again for your help.

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Are you a member of SGGEE? If not I can't give you much information. The records that exist are in the Zhitomir archives. SGGEE is in the process of extracting & editing the records, we should be done within the next year. In Jerry Frank's index the spelling of the village is Berditschew in Zhitomir parish. I took a quick look at the Zhitomir marriages and none exist for years 1900 to 1903. For births three are listed for you grandparents and your grandmother surname is listed, all were born in Berditschew. There are 7 more births in the files born to different Liening parents than your grandparents. All births also list the Godparents.



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Hello to the group,
I’ve am searching for the marriage record of my grandfather,
Arthur Robert Liening born 27 September 1880 in Marianka  Zhitomir  Father Samuel  Mother Ernestine  Lange  1897596-1/1882   649 4916
and his wife Emelia M. or Amalie, born 1882.  I do not know her family name.  
They had five children, Hedwig b. 1903, Carl C. b. 1904, Louise b. 1905,  Wanda b 1907, and Herman b. 1911 (my father)
I am looking for the birth record of my father as well.  My father told me he was born in Berditchev, as was his brother Carl.
The family was Evangelical Lutheran.  I am assuming that the marriage and children were all from Berditchev.  
Where would one look for any church records regarding this family?
The family arrived in Halifax N.S. on the 14th of May 1913  aboard the S.S. Frankfurt enroute to Winnipeg, Manitoba to my grandmother's brother.
The family then came to the United States through Medicine Hat, Cardston, Alberta, Canada.
Port of Arrival, Portal, North Dakota, United States enroute to Alpena, Michigan on a Canada S.S. CO ship.
Thanks for your time,
Douglas Linick

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