[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] The Meaning of "Of"

Rose Ingram roseingram at shaw.ca
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What Gary Warner said on Oct. 23rd is correct.

I have seen marriage records wherein the birth place of the groom or bride is not given, so the village they were residing was inserted.  example - 'of Dab Wielki'.  The same for the parents if their place of residence was given.

When I first submitted my data to the SGGEE Master Database the data I had extracted for births of children in a family, I showed the parents as 'of village'.  Other members have done the same.  (I have since amended my ways by not doing this in the pertinent data, but making note of the places and time period in the NOTES section of my genealogy program.)

I did this for myself as a clue and reminder to look further, perhaps for a death record of the parents which may cite their village and/or place of birth.

Gary has a team working on this to eliminate the 'of' in front of the village name.  

Rose Ingram
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  It puzzled me for a while, but I believe the " Of "  means "Ort fehlt"  -
  which is, as Gary Warner said - the place name is missing.

  Helen Gillespie
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