[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] An old postcard

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I'm just guessing, but could the left column possibly be something like "Hier schicke ich dir ein Bild von mir.  Wie findest du mich hier?  Ich bin nicht sehr ___ aus ___bildern”

I’m sending you here a picture of me.  How do you think I look?  I am not very....... (out of?) ___pictures.  (This last sentence is puzzling. Could it be a disclaimer about why he’s not good-looking enough in this photo?)

On the right side, I am only wondering if what Paul thought was “nach” might really be “mich”, followed by a couple of words that look like “besser.”  Was he saying something about his health improving????

Again, only guessing.  More help needed!

Dick Benert

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     One clue must be the stamp in the top right corner,

L. Grande

Does Danfield or Banfield mean anything to you?

  The text is in German, but I can not read all of it,


Liebe Kousine!
Hier schicke ich dir
ein Bild von
---. Wie fin-
dest Du --- ---
ich bin nicht
----  aus -----

Voriges Jahr so bin
ich nach

recht herzlichen ...


Even if I got all the words right (some are guesses)
it doesn't tell us much, except that it's written to a
female cousin.


  Dear Cousin,

  Here I send you a picture of ...

What do you think
(or how are you)

   I am not ...

  Last year I went to ...

  Right heart-felt ..


   Can anyone fill in a bit more?
   There probably is some sort of signature towards the
end, right where the shadow is deepest.

      Paul Rakow

Mauricio Norenberg mauricio.norenberg at gmail.com wrote:
[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] An old postcard

>Hello list.
>In a trip to Brazil, I found an old postcard that definitely came from
>either US or Canada. It is on a bad state and I'm trying to digitally
>recover it, but I wonder if anyone can understand some of this?
>I am trying to find who sent this and from where.
>Any help much appreciated.

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