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Sun Nov 16 18:11:41 PST 2014

Hello Patti,

You have found the right place to find information about your 
grandfather's family! These Lublin parish villages are very familiar to 
some of us who have been indexing parish records from the Lutheran 
church in Lublin. See the public portion of the SGGEE website here: 

You have to search birth, death and marriage records separately. Enter 
Mertz as a surname and select the "soundex" option (sometimes there were 
spelling variations like Maertz and these will be picked up). There were 
various Mertz family members who were born, died or married. Some in 
Nowy Streczyn (or Neu Strenschin in German).

At this time it is not possible to order copies of the records from the 
church in Lublin, but we hope to re-establish that connection in the 
coming months with the new pastor. If you become a member of SGGEE, you 
may also find that the Mertz family's "roots" have been found through 
other members or through extractions from parish records done by volunteers.

Best regards,
Sigrid Pohl Perry
whose ancestors on both sides came from Lublin parish and whose parents 
had cousins in Streczyn Nowy.

On 11/16/2014 7:26 PM, Patti Mertz wrote:
> Hello,
> Our family (In Canada) is totally stumped searching for any information about my grandfather prior to his arrival in Canada in 1924.
> His travel documents tell us this:
> Name: Krystjan Merç, born in 1898 in Nowy Stręczyn, (a village in the administrative district of Gmina Cyców, within Łęczna County, Lublin Voivodeship, in eastern Poland). He had a brother named Rudolf Merç.
> He married Lydia Ida Schmitdke, born april 9, 1895, in Grabowka (a village in the administrative district of Gmina Opole Lubelskie, within Opole Lubelskie County, also in  Lublin Voivodeship).
> The travelled from Warsaw to Canada aboard the Marita in October of 1924.
> Can anyone provide any leads about Krystjan Merç and/or his family?
> Many thanks,
> Patti Mertz
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